Barefoot Dance Center is a Hudson Valley gem of a dance studio. Jessie is a spectacular teacher, choreographer, dancer, and role model. Both our kids have been dancing there since they were toddlers. Jessie and the teachers at Barefoot are truly helping to nurture young dancers (at the studio) as they grow into brilliant, well-rounded human beings.

Melissa Rock, parent & student

Barefoot Dance Center has been transformational for our son, who has been taking classes there for 7 years, since 3rd grade. At BDC, creative expression and technique go hand in hand; its approach nurtures the whole dancer and the whole person. Such a supportive and stimulating environment, and such remarkable instructors. A true gem in the Hudson Valley and beyond!

Elliott Schreiber, parent

We love Jessie and Barefoot! Dance education with heart and soul.

Shir Meira Feit, parent

Excellent, quality, creative dance education! Jessie + team are so knowledgeable and go the extra mile to care for dancers, families, and the dance community at large. Definitely recommend getting to know this organization!

Leighann Kowalsky, audience member

I began dancing at Barefoot when I was about six years old and continued until I graduated high school at seventeen. Barefoot was an incredibly accepting and safe community for me to grow up in and allowed me to foster my love for dance and artistic expression. If it wasn’t for the support I received here from my teachers and fellow dancers, I wouldn’t have had the courage to pursue dance in college. I could go on and on about the love and gratitude I have for this studio and the many opportunities it has given me so far in my life. I wouldn’t be who I am without Barefoot, so I strongly recommend joining this warm community because you never know where it could lead.

Ella Stier, Barefoot alumna

Barefoot Dance is a wonderful and welcoming place! Jessie and Erin have taught our kids to be comfortable and confident in their bodies and encouraged their creativity. The adult yoga class is also very supportive and empowering!

Emma Kelty-Stephen, parent & student

My daughter and son are both Barefoot dancers, and the studio’s teachers, philosophy, energy, and choreography are amazing. I was looking for a place without makeup, sequins, or competition, and was so lucky to find a studio dedicated instead to organic movement and positivity. Jessie and her team are thoughtful, kind, and compassionate, and encourage dancers to use their imaginations as well as their bodies. Their annual concert will blow you away, it’s incredibly modern and interrogative. We’re so grateful to live nearby!

Angela LeRoux-Lindsey, parent

My son has bloomed as a dancer at Barefoot Dance Center. The most amazing thing has been watching the kids work together in Choreolab, cooperating and building dances together, inventing their own language and using it to tell stories through movement.

Susanrachel Condon, parent

If you are looking for a dance program for your child I can’t recommend Barefoot highly enough.  Both of my daughters danced at Barefoot from the age of 3 or 4 all the way through high school.  Jessie’s program is unlike any other that I’ve seen.  The focus is on the child doing choreography and really learning about themselves through dance.  I do not exaggerate when I say that the Barefoot community helped both of my daughters survive adolescence with love and support.  Even the performances were student centered and so positive without the usual focus on expensive costumes and appearance.  Both my daughters learned so much and made amazing dances with their Barefoot community.  Jessie is an amazing and talented human.  Sign up for Barefoot Dance!!

Joanna Arkans, parent

Barefoot Dance Center is a magical place where you learn to love your body and soul and become a shining star for others. The choreographies are incredibly beautiful, poetic and creative.

Odile Beniflah, audience member

My daughter is 16 and has been dancing with Barefoot since she was 2 years old. It has been a life-changing experience for her…I appreciate that all gender identities and body types are welcome at Barefoot. I cannot recommend this dance school highly enough for your dancer.

Stephanie Ellis, parent

Barefoot Dance Center is not a cookie cutter dance school! It’s a space where children learn to dance, and gain confidence expressing themselves not only physically, but also emotionally and verbally.  Jessie the director,  has created such a special and safe space for kids  to use choreography as a very natural and intuitive vehicle  for self expression, develop the art of owning one’s own body in space, express emotions and deeper self inquiries through dance and collaboration, know their inherent creativity is their own unique genius, and  gain confidence through sharing and collaborating with their peers. 

Barefoot Dance program  is supportive, with the unconditional tenet  that every child and teen has magic within them, and can use body and music to express themselves. As a parent, I have found that my daughter quickly learned to value her own uniqueness and the uniqueness of their peers,  but also finds comfort in discovering the  universal connections and similarities  that weave amongst  them collectively.

Our daughter was looking to go back into dance and was hoping to find a supportive community to bond with rather than a competitive atmosphere. She found it at Barefoot Dance. After two years in the Barefoot Dance program, our daughter joined the Company. She absolutely loves the program, and it is an integral part of her high school experience, being able to meet other teens from around the area, and feel totally safe and comfortable to collaborate and choreograph and dance with so many lovely kids. The camaraderie and support is so heartwarming.

The students adore Jessie.  She has so much experience with kids and teens, and  treats them with so much respect. I learn from her too… every once in a while with my teen,  I think, what would Jessie do? Seriously.

Ela Jaynes, parent

Barefoot dance has been a transformative part of our daughter’s life. We love that Jessie focuses on educating the whole dancer, incorporating technique and creative choreography. The supportive atmosphere creates a space where dancers take ownership of their work and collaboratively strive for creative excellence. I can’t recommend Barefoot dance enough!

Matthew Friday, parent

I cannot say enough great things about Barefoot Dance.  Jessie is the best kind of teacher, skilled and patient, pushing each dancer to stretch themselves to their own personal potential.  My daughter loves going to class each week, and I love to see her growth as a dancer.

Carie De Vries, parent

Barefoot dance is an oasis for young people to thrive through movement and the expert teaching of Jessie (the owner). She is wise, compassionate and inspiring. Grateful that my daughter has the opportunity to shine in the Hudson Valley.

Alison Sinatra, parent

I’m so thankful to Barefoot for bringing me unique experiences. This year, creating a dance film in the forest and performing at Sinterklaas were once in a lifetime adventures! Jessie puts so much effort into teaching and will take the time to explain every movement and answer questions! In Jessie’s modern classes everyone is accepted and fully encouraged to participate no matter their skill level. Jessie doesn’t care where you’re starting from.

Alex Bark, student