Youth Performance Companies

Choreolab Performance Workshop

This lab-type class is a wonderful choice for those interested in the creative aspects of dance. We focus on improvisation, composition and performance. Students learn choreography skills and create compositions on themselves as well as on each other. Participants have many opportunities to be dancers, collaborators and choreographers. Students perform a couple of times during the year. Choreolab fee includes Choreolab, Contemporary Modern II or III (depending on level), registration, costumes, additional rehearsals and performances. Phase 3: Develop, Ages: 10 years and up.

Barefoot Dance Company

The company is intended for the serious dance student and must be prioritized over other activities. We meet as a full group twice per week for creative work. Members participate in movement research through improvisation, inquiry, reflection and discussion, and learn composition skills. Dancers are required to take additional technique classes in modern, West African, improvisation and/or ballet. Students set goals for themselves early in the fall and are challenged to achieve them throughout the school year. Dancers work with guest artists, learn pieces created by professionals and choreograph on each other. Participants experience their own unique creative process when working on their choreography projects. During the year, students watch many dance video clips to become exposed to the wide variety of choreography and the rich history of the art form. Company members perform throughout the Hudson Valley and in New York City. (By invitation) Phase 4: Emerge, Ages: 14 years and up.