Toddler Duets

This joyful class encourages very young children to bond with their caregivers through songs and movement. Children learn about their bodies, gain self-control by moving and freezing, and stretch their gross motor skill abilities by using props, such as parachutes, scarves and floor mats. Our goal is to encourage and follow inherent curiosities regarding the ways in which the body can move. (with caregiver) Phase 1: Discover, approximate ages 18 months-3 1/2 years.

Creative Dance I

The focus of this joyful class is for children to take delight in their moving bodies. We seek to capture and develop children's creative expression through the use of music, stories and games. Phase 1: Discover, ages 3-5 years.

Creative Dance II

This joyful class is for children who have experienced Creative Dance I and are ready for more of a challenge. We focus on the basics of modern dance technique, improvisation and composition. Students are challenged to expand their movement vocabularies through playful and creative activities. Each week, kids learn technical skills, play dance games, improvise, and compose dances. A wide array of music is used to encourage uninhibited movement as well as to introduce basic rhythm patterns. Phase 1: Discover, ages 6-8 years.

Contemporary Modern Technique I

Contemporary Modern I focuses on modern dance technique and choreography. We warm-up carefully to wake up muscles, build strength and flexibility. We learn dance phrases with specific counts and across- the-floor combinations to experience the joy of full body dancing. Creative work through improvisation and the creation of compositions continues to be explored. Phase 2: Explore, ages 8-11 years.

Contemporary Modern Technique II

Contemporary Modern II is for the curious dancer who wants to focus more on technique skills. Students pay close attention to alignment with the goal of moving more efficiently. They work on the floor, in the center and across-the-floor. For those interested in improvisation and choreography, Choreolab should be taken in addition to this class. Phase 3: Develop, ages 10-16 years.

Contemporary Modern Technique III

Contemporary Modern III is for the more experienced dancer hungry to learn more. Discipline, focus and timing are emphasized. Dancers work to improve their skills, paying close attention to proper alignment and increasing stamina and strength. Students are challenged by learning longer, more complex phrases and across-the-floor combinations. For those interested in improvisation and choreography, Choreolab and/or Teen Dance Lab should be taken in addition to this class. Phase 3: Develop, ages 12 years and up.

Contemporary Modern Technique IV

Contemporary Modern is geared toward our more advanced teens who are ready to move at a faster pace and attack technique with great focus, diligence and energy. This quick-paced, exciting technique class is offered to those taking multiple dance classes at Barefoot. Phase 4: Emerge, ages 13 years and up.

Contemporary Modern Technique V

Advanced Techniques is designed for advanced dancers ready to push themselves. Working with total body connectivity and focus, these students attack sequences with grace, power and clarity. Phase 4, Emerge, ages: 13 and up.

Contemporary Burkina Faso Dance

In this energetic and joyful class, students are guided through a series of isolations, progressions, and concepts that demonstrate neo-traditional African dance styles combined with Solo's own movement approach. Cultural, philosophical and aesthetic concepts are shared to assist in understanding and embodying the technique. With emphasis placed on grounded movement, articulation (head, torso, legs, arms) and polyrhythms, students experience fast moving, high impact, cardiovascular dance. In addition to learning fundamental movement vocabulary, each student will develop a practice that facilitates whole body awareness, attention to breathing, and an acknowledgment of self as a citizen of the world. Phase 3: Develop, ages 12 years and up.

Teen Dance Lab

This class is for experienced dancers who are ready to dive more deeply into somatic work and become more expressive, self-aware movers. Emphasizing organic aligning through the use of various somatic forms, students are challenged to listen to their breath and natural impulses, and articulate movement intention. Improvisation and composition invite thoughtful play and critical thinking, and equips dancers with essential choreography tools. Phase 4: Emerge, ages 13 years and up.

Creative Ballet

Creative Ballet students learn basic ballet steps, gain a sense of musicality, attain an understanding of proprioception, and experience the joy of dancing. They focus on the story-telling aspects of ballet with the goal of expressing themselves through movement. Phase 2, Explore, ages: 7-10 years.

Ballet I

Ballet I aims to challenge students with correct, unforced alignment, classical technique, and precise footwork. Full body dancing in the center helps students integrate all skills learned at the barre while they dance largely with grace. Phase 3, Develop, ages: 11 years and up.

Ballet II

Ballet II challenges students to execute complex ballet movements and sequences with greater accuracy. Phase 4, Emerge, ages: 12 years and up.

Adult Modern

This welcoming class focuses on contemporary modern techniques and structured improvisation. We seek to find the balance between ease and effort in movement, and experience the sheer joy of dancing largely. The style is greatly influenced by Cunningham, Limon and various somatic modalities. Adult Modern is good for your center, energizing for the body and guaranteed to lift your spirits!

Barefoot Baba Yoga

Named for Jessie's step-father and first yoga teacher who was lovingly called, "Baba," Barefoot Baba Yoga is a dance-inspired Vinyasa class. This moving meditation practice aims to connect us to our breath, ground our full selves and challenge our bodies through strengthening poses. Lessons on the mat offer us tools to live life more fully and honestly when off the mat.