Artist-In-Residence Programs

Barefoot Dance Center offers classes in modern dance, creative movement, improvisation, choreography, and ballet to all genders and all ages.  We teach in our studio located in West Park, NY, as well as in school settings.  Our goal is to unleash the creative potential of every student through physical and imaginative activities.  Our school programs especially focus on making art accessible to the ordinary eye.  By connecting dance to school curricula, asking questions and allowing time for reflection, children and teachers start to appreciate the arts more and learn to value their own opinions as audience members. Every child gains new ways to connect meaningfully to the classroom subject matter through the lens of dance. Students struggling academically are given a chance to understand difficult subject matter in new ways, which often leads to great success. Also, as childhood obesity continues to be a rising national health problem, we believe that students need as many opportunities as possible to move and exercise.  We are excited to offer a physical and expressive outlet to all of our students.

Our programs directly benefit your students!

Advances coordination and balance.

Requires problem-solving and critical thinking.

Teaches kids about spatial relationships and personal boundaries.

Supports and enhances connections to classroom curricula.

Improves gross motor skills and the ability to focus.

Nurtures creative expression.

Encourages empathy, cooperation and collaboration.

Develops strength, stamina and self-confidence.

We find educational and inventive ways to connect any curricular theme to movement. 

As artists, we are excited to tailor our offerings to meet the specific needs of your school or program.