Barefoot Dance Center functions on the premise that all children are artists; teachers need only to support their ideas and creative desires, while supplying tools along the way. Primarily a modern and postmodern dance center emphasizing the creative process, our classes aim to capture and encourage the innate love for movement, comfort in the body and self-expression.

Our Creative Dance and Contemporary Modern classes share a lineage with modern dance and borrow from many other dance forms and somatic modalities. Ballet is offered to students 7-years and up to focus on clear articulation of the body, musicality, and strength. Children younger than seven years are encouraged to take Creative Dance. The goal is for children to move naturally, explore, and create before confining their movements within codified structures. We offer dance classes from the African Diaspora to challenge stamina, rhythm, isolations, and moving vertically. In all classes, students learn about dance history and lineage.

Our holistic approach to guiding students through our three core ingredients: somatics, creativity and identity leads students to develop crucial lifelong lessons. As dancers, they move smartly with fewer injuries, create original works of art, and connect their art to their own lives, making it personal and meaningful. As people, they trust their bodies, think creatively and critically, and know themselves more deeply.