Please click here to download BareFacts Spring 2024.

Covid-19 Protocols

  • All faculty members are fully vaccinated.
  • We sanitize the studio, waiting room and bathroom before and after every class. Additionally, the bathroom will be sanitized as needed.
  • Each family must keep children at home if they are ill and / or have been exposed to Covid-19. Teachers will do the same.
  • Everyone must sanitize hands before entering the building.
  • Masks are optional.
  • Windows will stay open for as long as the weather permits. When closed, we run a powerful HEPA filter in the studio.

Arrival & Dismissal

Barefoot opens 15 minutes prior to class time. Please arrive in enough time for students to change and use the bathroom before class starts. Parents, kindly wait with your child until class begins or the teacher invites students into the studio.

In each class, we begin in a specific way to make students feel welcome and to warm up muscles carefully. Missing the beginning of class can disorient a younger child and lead to injury for an older one. Latecomers also distract the class.

Students need to be picked up promptly. Parents arriving late will be charged a late fee. See payment policies for details.

Students need to be brought to and picked up at the door. Students may not be on the driveway without an adult.


  • Traffic is one-way only: enter at the Barefoot sign, exit by the buoy.
  • Drive very slowly.
  • Please don’t block the driveway or back out onto Rt. 9W.
  • Spaces are available in our parking area as well as along the driveway on the left. To keep traffic flowing, please pull all the way down to leave room at the entrance.
    • Two-three cars can park hugging the stone wall (as you enter, on the right and in front of you).
    • Two-three cars can turn left at the entrance and park facing the bushes and dogwood tree. (These cars get boxed in).
    • Two-three more cars can park behind them.
    • Two cars can pull in to face Barefoot (to the left of the door).
    • Four-five cars can parallel park along the driveway next to the big lawn across from the house. These are great spots for those who arrive early and for those who don’t want to get boxed in.
    • Check out our map for better clarification:


Waiting Area

Feel free to make yourself comfortable in the waiting room, as well as outside in the Barefoot yard. Due to insurance reasons, we ask that you and your children avoid the house and private lawns. Also, all children not in class must be supervised by an adult. Children may not climb on trees or stone walls, and must stay out of the gardens. Thank you for helping to keep Barefoot a safe and enjoyable place for everyone.

Observing Class

We invite parents to observe class each semester during our “open class” weeks. Until this day, please no peaking in windows or doors during class as this seemingly innocent interruption can cause great distraction. (We know it is hard to wait!) Please let the teacher know if you would like to discuss your child’s progress.

Dress Code

  • Students should wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing and bare feet (of course!) for all classes except Ballet where ballet slippers are required.
  • As dancers move through our program and work toward building specific dance skills, it is helpful for teachers to see the line of the body. This way, we can offer better support pertaining to alignment and functional anatomy. If students are comfortable, we recommend leotards and tights or fitted tops and leggings.
  • Please check with your child’s teacher before purchasing new items in the spring in case we plan to coordinate colors for the student concert.

Snow Days

All current families will receive an email in the case of a snow day. You may also check our Instagram account, Facebook page and Decisions are made two hours prior to class. Please note: we allow for one cancellation per semester for each class. In the case of additional cancellations due to weather, we offer opportunities for make-up classes and notify parents of the details via email.

Sick Days

Please call the studio if your child will be absent. This helps with class planning.

Special Days at Barefoot

During the year, we host bring a friend week. This is a special opportunity for your child to bring a friend to their regularly scheduled class free-of-charge. We also invite parents to observe their child in class during open class week. At the end of the year, we invite and encourage all dancers to participate in our annual student concert. Please check the calendar for dates and be sure your child is enrolled in a performance class if they would like to participate.

Barefoot Payment Policies

  • Registration fee is per semester.
  • Class spaces cannot be held without payment.
  • Multiple Class Discounts (for individuals taking more than one class): 2nd class: $15 discount, 3rd class: $25 discount, 4th class: $35 discount.
  • Monthly payment plans are available. Add $20 (per family) to semester fee. Payments are due the first class of the month. (We don’t offer pay-per-class arrangements for children. You are signing up for, and therefore agreeing to pay for the full semester, whether or not your child stays in class).
  • Late payment (initial payments received after first class & late monthly payments) fee: $10.
  • Late pick-up fee: If you are more than 10 minutes late to pick up your child, there will be a charge of $10 for every 10 minutes (with a minimum of $10).
  • Returned check fee: $30.
  • No hidden costs.
  • No refunds.