Our studio, located on the banks of the Hudson River on Route 9W in West Park, New York, offers a wide range of dance and yoga classes to groups from toddlers to adults. In Toddler Duets, students join and bond with their caregivers through songs and movement and discover how their amazing bodies move through space. Our three- to five-year olds who take Creative Dance learn to capture and develop their artistic expression through the use of songs, games and music. Our weekly classes also include Contemporary Modern , Improvisation, Dances of the African Diaspora, and Ballet. As children grow older, they learn specific dance skills as they continue to build their own movement vocabularies. Older kids, teens and adults are challenged with a more rigorous technical training, while continuing their personal explorations through improvisation and composition. Every student at Barefoot has the opportunity to dance, collaborate and choreograph. We emphasize healthy alignment, strong technique, musicality and the creative process in a supportive environment. As dancers grow with us, many decide to deepen their commitment to dance by becoming members of one of our youth companies. Choreolab Performance Workshop offers students from age 10 and up the opportunity to advance themselves technically and continue on their journey of self-discovery. Their movement research leads to building new collaborative work that they perform during the year. Barefoot Dance Company members study several times a week, work with guest artists and choreographers, and choreograph their own dances on one another. This group of dedicated artists performs throughout the Hudson Valley and in New York City. Contact us if you are interested in private instruction.