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At Barefoot Dance Center, we guide the “whole dancer.” Our students include people of all ages who are curious learners in search of their own voices as dance artists. We teach organic alignment so that dancers don't force their turnout or strain their hips and knees.  We honor each individual body for what it is naturally capable of while challenging our students to attain new skills. While working to gain certain goals in a technique class, they are also being challenged as dance-makers.

Our desire as teachers is to help our students on the path to becoming innovative choreographers who have something to say. Additionally, our students strive toward becoming powerful performers with abilities to focus and delve deeply into expressing themselves and their ideas through a variety of thoughtful ways. Students and teachers at Barefoot are dance artists in progress, making work which honors the creative process.

Jessie Levey was honored with the Outstanding Dance Educator (Private Sector) Award by New York State Dance Education Association, state affiliate of National Dance Education Organization. This award recognizes a stellar dance educator with an established record of significant contributions to the field of dance education in the private sector.

The Outstanding Leadership awards are given to an individual who has demonstrated excellence in creating ideas for programs, curriculums, and/or projects that have had a significant impact on their specific field of dance education and who has demonstrated leadership on a national level. Additionally, the recipient of this award should inspire and cultivate vision and leadership in others.

Read Jessie Levey’s article, “Resisting the Sexualization of Girls in Dance Education: An Alternative Curriculum For Private Studios.”

This article was published in "Dance Education in Practice," (a journal put out by the National Dance Education Organization) in March, 2021.

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Read Jessie Levey and Anna Mansbridge’s article, “Common Ground,” about their teen companies collaborating on a dance film from across the United States.

This article was published in "Dance Education in Practice," (a journal put out by the National Dance Education Organization) in December, 2021.

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Watch the dance film, “Common Ground,” featuring Barefoot Dance Company and Kaleidoscope Dance Company.

A collaborative choreography project between two teen dance companies across the U.S.A. during the pandemic.

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Equity and Justice Statement

Read our equity and justice statement.

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Dancing Together Apart – Pivoting from in-person to virtual learning.

Jessie Levey leads a professional development workshop on transitioning to teaching dance online during the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown (through New York State Association of Independent Schools, May, 2021)

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Empowering Girls Through the Platform of Dance!

Listen to Jessie Levey on NPR's 51% (episode #1456) discuss how dance may be used to empower girls.

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How dance develops creativity in young children.

After visiting one of our creative dance classes, Julie A. Riess, Ph.D., director of Wimpfheimer Nursery School at Vassar College, writes about the connection between dance and creativity in early childhood education (published in the Poughkeepsie Journal).

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